Choice is at the heart of dentistry.

Patient choice about whether to have the treatment.

Choice about NHS or Private care.

Your choice about what environment to practice in.

Elective interior design is a key choice.

That’s where Black Circle fit in.


Your patient experience is powerfully influenced by the environment in which they receive treatment. From entering the practice to the chair every step has an impact. Maximising the size of your private patient list can be a lot easier when the patient experience is set in the right surroundings.

With a wide range of experience in healthcare including dental and GP we are the enablers, the creators and the guides to help make your development project into a key step towards achieving healthy patients and a health practice . Take a look at some of these projects below.


If you are ready to take the important step of developing a space that will enhance your practice get in touch.

Our highly qualified team will focus on understanding your individual needs while brining our wealth of experience, talents, skills and qualifications to your project. Whether you are looking for a full, no expense spared practice reinvention or a new reception area we can tailor our service to fit around you.

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