Containerised pharmacy solutions for both emergencies and practicality during a refit.

A temporary pharmacy just when necessary. For refits, emergencies and the unknown.
You’ll know when it’s necessary.
That’s where the Pharmacy Container fits in.

With years of design & shopfitting experience Black Circle fully understand the pressures that pharmacists and pharmacy owners experience if an emergency happens or they need a refit but are contractually obliged to carry on trading.

As a result, the Pharmacy Container was born- a practical solution that can be deployed quickly to a site- be it in the car park next to the existing pharmacy or directly outside the pharmacy. Our pharmacy container meets GPC requirements.

Everything needs to happen immediately so get in touch on the e-mail or phone number below as soon as you know you need a temporary pharmacy and we can check availability for your dates.

Available for hire on a weekly basis (T's&C's apply). Delivery and transportation costs vary by location.


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